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Body-Image: A source of Low Self-esteem in Adolescents

Obtaining High Self-esteem
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Obtaining Self-esteem
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How can an adolescent build self-esteem?


The process is simple, but putting it to work is difficult. Self-esteem is built upon the experience of success. Think of it as a circular process. When people experience success, they grow in self-confidence. As self-confidence grows, they feel empowered to face new challenges. As they succeed in confronting each challenge, they develop the capacity to cope with whatever life throws their way. That feeling leads to further growth of self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem.

The following are ways to maintain high self-esteem:
  1. Celebrate your strengths and achievements.
  2. Don't dwell on your weaknesses, every human has them.
  3. Change the way you talk to yourself -- stop putting yourself down!
  4. Be sure that you are not judging yourself against unreasonable standards.
  5. Beating yourself for your weaknesses is self defeating. Use that energy for positive thoughts about you.

Why is it important for people to have high self-esteem?
  1. Able to accept and learn from their own mistakes.Able to accept and learn from their own mistakes.
  2. Confident without being obnoxious or conceited.
  3. Not devastated by criticism.
  4. Not overly defensive when questioned.
  5. Not easily defeated by setbacks and obstacles.
  6. Unlikely to feel a need to put others down.
  7. Open and assertive in communicating their needs.
  8. Not overly worried about failing or looking foolish.
  9. Not harshly or destructively critical of themselves.
  10. Not aggressively driven to prove themselves.
  11. Able to laugh at themselves, not taking themselves too seriously.